Forex Signal Report for February 11: Investors look for the US CPI UU

The markets continue to open the way and we will get another important number trial now that will give us some more reprimands about the state of the US capital. Uu The IPC is outside and we are hoping to enjoy + 0.2% Mom. Recently there has been a selection of alarms about the US. UU The charges are going up too fast and the capital is not in that route either. The key metric for the FED to see is the IPC and if we get an improved number, that could indicate that things are not as bad as feared. Similarly, there are a number of concerns about the UK economy and we are already seeing slow growth levels.

GDP is still positive at this time and the BOE will not want to see this tick in red. Forex signal update The FX Leaders Team finished one and two yesterday, in what was a quiet session. Check the performance of the updated signals for the 2018 calendar year, as it was another solid for FX Leaders. Nikkei – Active Signal The Nikkei pushed lower yesterday, before bouncing. The movement coincided with a rebound of Wall Street, however, we are considering to meet with some resistance in the US markets. While this reaches the most recent maximum, we are fine.

Oil pending sign Oil still holds the $ 50 level, however, we are starting to see some sales in the region of $ 52.50- $ 53. Cryptocurrency Update Bitcoin has remained well at the $ 4,000 level and has now started selling strongly. We are now in the first major support area at $ 3,600.

Yesterday we closed our brief signal to obtain a good quick profit after the operation hardly went off against us. So a good result.

If we can break this current range, then another potential movement towards the lows opens after a period of relatively low volatility.